Anderson Chiropractic Health Center
125 Sunnyoaks Ave. Ste 213
Campbell, CA 95008

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Dr. Anderson is trained in caring for and managing a wide variety of injuries that include sports, work and those associated with auto accidents. Our office also uses physical therapy modalities which include: ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, deep tissue manipulation, graston, active release technique and low tech rehabilitation.

Dr. Anderson spends a minimum of thirty
minutes per visit performing hands-on
treatment. Massage is also available by
our certified massage therapists.
Conditions that may readily respond to
chiropractic care include:

* Headaches such as stress, migraine and muscle types

* Neck pain radiating to the shoulder, arm and hand
Rib and middle back pain

* Numbness and tingling in arms and hands

* Low back and leg pain (Sciatica)

* Numbness and tingling in legs and feet

* Upper extremity pain: shoulder, elbow, wrist

* Disc problems

* Pinched nerves
* Back discomfort from pregnancy

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