Trusted Experts in Chiropractic Care

Trusted Experts in Chiropractic Care

Trusted Experts in Chiropractic CareTrusted Experts in Chiropractic CareTrusted Experts in Chiropractic Care

Meet Dr. Pauline Anderson

Dr. Anderson graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in Sunnyvale, California, after seven-and-half years of college. She is certified as a Chiropractic Sports Physician and is skilled in treating sports-related injuries. She has served as a team physician for events that include Police Olympics, SWAT Competitions, Golden Gate Rugby, Professional Rodeo and Junior Olympics. Dr. Anderson is a California State Certified Worker Compenstation Independant Medical Evaluator (I.M.E.)

She has lectured at Stanford Medical School regarding Chiropractic’s place in workers compensation.

Dr. Anderson works thru the Palmer Clinic Abroad program at Palmer Chiropractic College and has taken student interns to Vietnam, Fiji and Honduras as part of their training.
Dr. Anderson is trained in caring for and managing a wide variety of injuries that include sports, work and those associated with auto accidents. Our office also uses physical therapy modalities which include: ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, deep tissue manipulation, graston, active release technique and low tech rehabilitation.

Dr. Anderson spends a minimum of thirty minutes per visit performing hands-on treatment. Massage is also available by our certified massage therapists. Conditions that may readily respond to chiropractic care include:

* Headaches such as stress, migraine and muscle types

* Neck pain radiating to the shoulder, arm and hand
* Rib and middle back pain

* Numbness and tingling in arms and hands

* Low back and leg pain (Sciatica)

* Numbness and tingling in legs and feet

* Upper extremity pain: shoulder, elbow, wrist

* Disc problems

* Pinched nerves
* Back discomfort from pregnancy